Dell OpenManage Ubuntu repository

What is this?

The community supported repository for OpenManage with natively compiled .deb's for Ubuntu. For an overview and background information, please checkout Michael Brown's blog about this project.

How to set up

There are several ways to set up the OpenManage repository. If you always want the latest and best version of OpenManage, go to the latest OpenManage repo and follow the instructions there..

If you wish to install a particular version of OpenManage and *not* be automatically updated to the latest version when it comes out, follow the links below to one of the OpenManage versions in this repository. All links in the "Notable Links" column are automatically updated, so if you use the link, your installation will be automatically updated. Other links are static, which allow you to remain on a specific release if that is your site policy.

Links to repositories

Release DateOpenManage Release VersionNotable links
(automatically updated for new releases)
Q2 2012 OMSA 7.0 Latest Release
Q1 2011 OMSA 6.5
Q4 2010 OMSA 6.4
Q3 2010 OMSA 6.3

Note: The latest link will always point to the latest and greatest officially released version of OpenManage. The latest_quarterly link always points to the last quarterly release (for example, 6.3) and is not updated when point releases are made (for example, 6.3.1).